What It's Like To...

What it's Like to Start a Farm

July 20, 2022 Elizabeth Pearson Garr Season 3 Episode 6
What It's Like To...
What it's Like to Start a Farm
Show Notes

Have you ever wanted to sell your house and buy a farm? After listening to Zach Gobeil describe his adventurous lifestyle, you might be tempted to. Zach, a science teacher turned farmer, stay-at-home dad, and Instagram influencer, took the risk of moving with his wife and newborn son onto a farm in New Hampshire during the pandemic.

In this episode, Zach explains the value of taking risks and the importance of making time to appreciate passions.

- What inspired him to start a farm (1:00)
- What is Aquaponics (6:32)
- How to make New Hampshire maple syrup (8:55)
- A day in the life on the farm (16:40)
- Life as a stay-at-home dad (22:03)
- Instagram quotes from New England Dad (26:18)
- Maintaining personal passions with kids and the farm (30:47)

Although it can be scary to try something new, Zach’s advice is simple: take chances and you will figure things out. He is chasing his dream so that his kids will be inspired to chase theirs.

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  • Find him on Instagram: smokyvalleyfarms
  • And another Instagram account: new_england_dad
  • Tweet him:  @New_England_Dad

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