What It's Like To...

What it's Like to Be a (Wannabe) Minimalist

August 03, 2022 Elizabeth Pearson Garr Season 3 Episode 7
What It's Like To...
What it's Like to Be a (Wannabe) Minimalist
Show Notes

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your stuff?  A lot of us have gotten to the place of feeling pretty comfortable living with clutter--even if we don't like having a bunch of extra clothing, gadgets, books, toys and trinkets around, it's easier than getting rid of our things. In this episode, Deanna Yates shows us how to start.  She also explains that minimalism is a mindset; you can make a change without being extreme. There is no need to feel like you live in a storage unit! Little habits can make a huge difference in decluttering.  

Although it may seem overwhelming, decluttering is possible for anyone, whether it's a change in your wardrobe, or the birthday presents you give your kids. This conversation with Deanna will inspire you to grab some bags and boxes and get started.

In this episode:

Inspiration for going minimalist (4:20)
How to start (8:35)
What is a capsule wardrobe? (22:17)
Advice for kids: the big buyers (26:04)  
Why is it hard to get rid of things? (32:46)

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