What It's Like To...

What it's Like to Save Money and Live Better

January 25, 2023 Season 5 Episode 1
What It's Like To...
What it's Like to Save Money and Live Better
Show Notes

Can you imagine living on a beach, in a bigger house, with more disposable income and more free time, doing work you enjoy?  Julia Vitality, the guest on this week's episode, says stop dreaming--make this your reality.  Julia and others like her are using a strategy called geoarbitrage: lowering their cost of living, usually by moving to a different town or country, to make their incomes go further.  Julia -- a Ukranian-Canadian now living in Cancun, Mexico -- shares her fascinating life story, along with practical strategies and plenty of inspiration for anyone flirting with the idea of making a life change. 

In this episode:

  • 01:10 Definition of geoarbitrage
  • 01:58 Why Julz decided to use this strategy; some of her background
  • 05:12 Comparing living costs in Toronto vs. Cancun, Mexico
  • 08:53 Things to consider before moving 
  • 11:12 Language issues (or lack thereof!)
  • 13:43 Taking on such an adventure as a single person
  • 19:08 Working in a foreign country
  • 24:17 Getting rid of unneeded "stuff"
  • 26:32 Medical system in Mexico

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