What It's Like To...

What It's Like to Start a College

March 01, 2023 Season 5 Episode 3
What It's Like To...
What It's Like to Start a College
Show Notes

There are more than 4000 colleges in the United States--many of them hundreds of years old.  Adam Braus decided to create a new one.  In this episode he shares why he took this bold step, as well as the many hoops he had to jump through to gain accreditation (and the "corruption" he claims he encountered along the way). Elton College is built on Braus's background in education and philosophy.  Elton turns a lot of conventional wisdom about learning on its head--students get one-on-one tutoring about the subjects that most fascinate them; they can start any time of the year (not just in the fall); there are no semesters; and more. It is, as Braus calls it, an "artisanal model of education."

In this episode:

  • Why start a new college? (01:40)
  • What differentiates Elton from other colleges (05:29)
  • How Adam's research into motivation, and background in philosophy, inform Elton (09:54)
  • Special attributes of Elton College (13:16)
  • Study whatever interests you (17:05)
  • Finding professors (19:34)
  • Tuition at Elton (24:57)
  • Adam's vision for Elton moving forward (28:50)

Want to know more about Adam and Elton College?

  • Learn about Adam (and the books he's written):  https://www.adambraus.com 
  • Find out more about Elton College: https://www.eltoncollege.org/
  • Listen to Adam's podcast: https://www.solutionsfromthemultiverse.com/

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