What It's Like To...

What It's Like To Be Imprisoned for 19 Years for a Murder You Didn't Commit

March 29, 2023 Season 5 Episode 5
What It's Like To...
What It's Like To Be Imprisoned for 19 Years for a Murder You Didn't Commit
Show Notes

Gregory Nottage was a successful businessman when, at age 26, he was wrongfully convicted of first degree murder. He spent 19 years in prison before being exonerated after the killer confessed to the crime. He says he lost everything--except hope. Gregory was released from prison in 2014  with just $200 of "gate money."   What Gregory has done since his release is extraordinary: he earned two degrees, and now runs a non-profit that creates full-time, paid transitional jobs for its former homeless clients, often leading to permanent employment.  In this episode, Gregory details his daily life behind bars; how and why he decided to stop seeing himself as a victim; and why serving others--while in prison, and now on the "outside"--is his life's purpose.  This man's story is a lesson for all of us in perspective and gratitude.

In this episode:

  • Gregory recounts his first night in prison and learning prison politics (02:04)
  • How he'd get through the days in prison (08:07)
  • His lowest point, and how it was a catalyst for changing his perspective (11:08)
  • Learning he was finally being released from prison (19:15)
  • Reintegrating back into the "real world" (23:54)
  • The impact Gregory's imprisonment had on his son (28:25)
  • How and why he found his way into the nonprofit work he does now (31:12)
  • What Streets Team Enterprises does for its clients (33:58)
  • Gregory's work with police cadets on perception and homelessness (39:16)

Want to know more about Gregory, Streets Team Enterprises, and Downtown Streets Team?

  • Learn about Streets Team Enterprises on their website (scroll down to read about Gregory): https://www.streetsteam.org/our-work/workforce-development-program
  • Read about the Downtown Streets Team on their website: https://www.streetsteam.org/
  • Find them on Facebook: downtownstreetsteam
  • Connect with them on Instagram: streetsteam
  • Tweet them on Twitter: downtownstreets
  • Watch videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DowntownStreetsTeam

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