What It's Like To...

What it's like to Photograph the Olympics

December 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 12
What It's Like To...
What it's like to Photograph the Olympics
Show Notes

Photographer Jeff Cable has had a front-row seat at the past seven Olympic Games--although his seat is cluttered with cameras, lenses, and laptops.  As the photographer for the United States Olympic Committee, Jeff has an all-access pass to any event he chooses.  In this episode, he shares: 

  • how he edits 2600 images down to 10 in a matter of minutes
  • how social media has changed the pace of his job
  • how he stays focused (literally and figuratively) from 9:00 am to 2:00 am every day for nearly three weeks straight
  • what Simone Biles and her teammates were talking about in those minutes before the world knew why she pulled out of the Tokyo 2020 Games
  • the best angles to shoot a water polo game
  • how photographers deal with bathroom breaks (or the lack thereof) in the middle of certain events
  • the importance of mastering the Olympic shuttle bus system
  • and much more.

There's a whole lot more to photographing Team USA than just settings and shutter speeds.  It's an exciting, exhausting gig, and Jeff approaches each Olympics like it's his one and only.

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